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Oct 5, 2012 9:00pm PDT
. >>reporter: but the wheels of government run slowly. u.s. epa rarely grants state waiver. last one granted was after hurricane katrina. because california has special restriction to ensure we have the cleanest gasoline in the world the state must sign off first. >> we have another layer of government activity that has to take place legally. >>reporter: as painful as the prices are not everyone thinks california should switch to winter blend so soon when temperatures can still be on the high side. just this week parts of the state suffered through a heat wave when summer fuel help fight off health damaging plugs. >> cleaner burning gasoline are california gasoline is a key control measure. cuts the emission that cause smog and send people to hospitals and emergency rooms. >> with the exxon mobile toerns refinery back on line supply should incree. holesale praise dropped up to 50 cents. won't be reflected at the pump until next week so expect prisons to stay hay for few more days. california needs to expand infrastructure. build more refinery. pipeline. storage. but that is not as ea
Oct 3, 2012 9:00pm PDT
to the view he d when ran four years guy. if you will, trickle down government would work. that is not the right answer for america. >> romney's comments about the 47% have take and toll on his campaign even before the leaked video polls showed that americans thought he favored the wealthy over the middle class. tonight he clearly wanted to try and change that perception. >> the people having a hard time right now are middle income americans. under the president's policies, middle income americans have been buried. they are beg crusd. i ll not und a circstances ise tas on middle iome filie >> rorr: the president said his rival doesn't have the right solutions and romney cannot keep hisg taxes and not add together deficit without hurting the middle class. >> now, he is saying that his big bold idea is never mind. >> reporter: the debate later turned to the president's healthcare are law which romney says he will get rid of if elected. >> if cuts $716 billion from medicare to pay for it. i want to put that money back in medire. it hasilled jobs. >> reporter: the prident trie
Oct 4, 2012 9:00pm PDT
demand to go meet with government officials not getting paid for months. demonstration and strike are common in greece as the government imposes strict austerity programs to deal with the financial crisis. >> in turkey police use tear gas on ti-w activt trying to march on e ofuildin oss borr raid intsyria were approved. it's in retaliation for mortar attack from syria that killed 5 turkish civilian. unleashed a hail of artillery at targets inside syria. turkey prime minister says he does not want war with syria but says he will protect the borders and retaliatewhen nessa. >> sce of ottish hair tan nownly a part of story. whennto oeld die lst wee in the northern sco acknowledge village took with him his naked language. ♪ [ singing] he was the last known person who knew this dialect. it has a strong bible influence with thee and thousand and hog might be used what is your trouble. desperate for tea and if very drunk. >> i wish i knew how to say still ahead. a lot going on this weekend in the bay area including music festival in including music festival in golden gate parkl
Oct 8, 2012 9:00pm PDT
prime minister to be cordial however the government is deploying police on patrol snipers on the roof top and closing off entire neighborhood in an attempt to minimize the hostile reception many people expect for her first visit to athens. since theail outs bega >>> back he. sad newout detroi lex carasormer detroit lis footbal player only few days to live apparently. he has been suffering from dimensia. he's among many former nfl players suing the league regarding treatment of head injuries. he is better known for work as actor playing the role of among 0in the classic blazing saddle and father in the sitcom webster. but he's near the end of his life apparently. >> well now to very emotional moment this weekend at the football game between south carolina and georgia. family of sergeant first class scott fail was honored on the field. it included a personal video message on the jumbotron and just as the tears started to flow, dad emerge the and family sprinted to meet him. wah what happens. >> turn your attention to the special message. [applause]. >> spencer just said sitting
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4